Parent Summit | October 27

Reports: Parent Summit | October 27

The 2018 October edition of the Parent Summit set up started at 7am, in which the program officially started with a video clip as the participates made their ways into the hall after registering.


Dr. Toyin-Osakwe after which came up at 8:57 by giving the open speech, he prayed and asked one of the participants in person of Mr. Ishola to round off the prayer, which he did. Dr. Ajayi-Osakwe thereafter talked on “Communal Parenting” while waiting for the facilitators. In his speech, he made us understand that God said to him, “LET US CREATE A NEW BREED”. He said parents should encourage their children to think differently and rightly.

Interactive Session


Mr. Rauf Kazeem Isaac stepped in at 9:08am and started his presentation, in the middle of talk, the generator went off at about 9:20am interrupting the presentation due to shortage of water and came on at 9:26am and the speaker continued on his topic titled “EDUCATION MALPRACTICE” which he gave some key points that “Education is a process”, “Education as a product”, “Education as a Discipline”.


A parent should be able to understand these questions:

  • Why do we educate?
  • How do we educate?
  • Who do we educate?

Mrs. Oluwatoyin Kikelomo Jiboku (JP) thereafter came up for her presentation on “Drug Use and YOUth: (the Nigeria story) she pointed to the fact she’s not talking the simple drugs sold almost everywhere nut the hard drugs in which she mentioned their symptoms and consequences as well. More than six questions were asked thereafter the presentation, after which the third speaker in person of Mrs. Okoro N.E., a Social Worker. She started her presentation on LEGAL RIGHT OF THE NIGERIAN CHILD at about 11:46AM; a whole lot of points were raised on how in general some rights should not be deprived from a child as parents and society.


As at 1:08pm, Mrs. Osifeso Oluwatosin Kehinde who held the last topic for the day spoke on “EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE AS ITS RELATES TO PARENTING”. She broke down the topic using three parenting styles which were:

  • Authoritarian style of parenting
  • Authoritative style of parenting
  • Permissive style of parenting

In her discussion, she talked about the fact that in America, they use make use of the permissive style of parenting. in between, she pointed to the fact that this kind of program should be aired, so as to get to some places. After all said and done, the presentation was rounded up at 2:40pm. The October 27th Parent Summit was then brought into conclusion by Dr. Toyin Ajayi-Osakwe.

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