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The Foundation for Family Reformation (FFR), incorporated as a nongovermental organization (NGO) leads a 21st century paradigm in child management and development through informed parenting, parent partnership, parent classes and other advanced parenting mechanisms. We educate and empower those who would build every child into a great dream come true just as we have been doing since 2007 when we launched the book, “Parent Guide Illustrated” written by Dr. Toyin Ajayi-Osakwe in 2011. As the encouraging feedback grew, we took our child management campaigns to the radio in 2015 and in 2018, we opened our parent classes to parents, social workers, teachers and others who now share ideas towards forging novel ways of equipping the 21st century family through child management.

And while we must say that we are fully in the business of reforming families, we are bold to say that the child is our primary focus because with the child, we fulfill our dreams of building those who would reform future human families. Therefore, our working approach has always involved a lot of partnerships and our  volunteers have never disappointed us as they back us up with their intellectual, material and moral resources. It is our dream to contribute to the emergence of a society where each family is a healthy unit and a family where each child is a healthy member. We are quick to speak and move motions against every kind of child abuse. Yes, we decry everything that assaults the survival of family life, we do not subscribe to whatever is harmful to family life.

Part of our awesome quests is to eventually bridge the gap between teachers and parents so that children-learners can have a unified learning experience with less and lesser conflicts in the background ideologies. We have therefore been collaborating with professional bodies and community leaders as well as religious bodies who are open to our cause. We are proud to work with the police department, the medical industry, the educational system and the general public who form the core of our volunteering partners indeed. Our testimonials are those individuals and corporate bodies whom we have infected with the spirit of our child development cause and we are open to more partnerships! Thank you for taking out time to read about us. We are now officially looking forward to reading from you. Welcome on board.


Your opinion matters. Email us here: familyreformationembassy@gmail.com

Met the TEAM?

Oh! This is the most exciting part of everything. Working with a team that is just, family; where each one is always willing to get the job done. Thumbs Up!

Dr Toyin Ajayi-Osakwe

Dr. Toyin Ajayi-Osakwe


Dr. Toyin Ajayi-Osakwe is a medical doctor, surgeon and child evangelist who has been helping families in the business of raising that amazing child through the Foundation for Family Reformation Incorporated.

I am Shepherd Godsbaby Osifeko

Shepherd Godsbaby Osifeko

Team Leader/Consultant

Shepherd Godsbaby Osifeko is a musician, broadcaster, voice-over artist, TV producer, scriptwriter, songwriter, brand communicator and a private tutor in the business of helping people qualitatively manage their life’s calling.

Dr. Olubukonla Ajayi-Osakwe

Dr. Olubukonla Ajayi-Osakwe

Deputy President

Dr. Olubokonla Ajayi-Osakwe is an award-winning medical doctor, wife, mother and mentor in the business of preparing youngsters, teenagers and children to excel despite the challenges of the 21st century family-life.

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Every week, we welcome new volunteers and partners. Do you think you have a heart for reforming family? Or may you just want to support us with your resources! Thank You and Welcome!

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