The Child Ambassador

Yearly, we equip one to three children between ages 6 and 12 on the beauty of building and how to build a good family life as parents, siblings and children. These children publicly advocate for all our family-centered initiatives and solution packs through public speaking at schools and symposiums and through other means of performances such as creative art-works, music and essay-writing among others. They are our Child Ambassador and while their engagement is a volunteer work, we endeavor to appreciate them for investing their lives in this cause! Some of our appreciation comes in recognition awards, cash rewards, educational scholarships and dream project supports.

James Ajanlekoko, 7, is a young saxophonist who has written family advocacy songs such as ‘When Daddy Beats Mummy’ and ‘I Came to Shine’. He was recently signed on to a record label for the sake of helping him work with superstars on child-related and child-friendly music projects.